House and Home

Building and Pest Inspections

House and Home Building Reports cover  a range of areas, including but not limited to:

Roof Exteriors

The roof coverings such as Colorbond / Metal roofing, Tiles, Flashings, Penetrations, Skylights, Vents, Gutters etc.

Essentially the condition of roof coverings are inspected carefully to ensure that the Roof Exterior is water tight and adequately plumbed to ensure stormwater runoff drains away correctly.

Building Exteriors

 The building exterior including eave linings, fascia boards, penetrations, windows, doors, etc are assessed and reported on, patios / veranda decks and other structures are checked for structural stability, corrosion, timber decay, and other major defects.

Inside the Building

Bedrooms, hallways and living areas and checked for defects including the floors, walls and ceilings, timber trims, windows and doors as well as joinery and cupboards. Wet areas such as Kitchens, Bathrooms and laundries are assessed for a number of things including water operation, evidence of water hammer, evidence of leaking shower recess / wet areas, defects to sanitary fixture and fittings, toilets are flushed, moisture readings are also taken.

Roof Void

The roof framing timbers are checked for defects, the roof covering (from the inside) is checked for evidence of leaks.   Ceiling areas are checked (where accessible) for damage, waters stains etc. Insulation, sisalation, sarking will be checked and reported on.

The Site

Boundary fences, paths and steps, retaining walls, driveways and external surface drainage are inspected for defects or inadequacies up to 30 meters from the main building.

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